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Summer Time


June saw me in Italy and it’s as beautiful as the novels and movies suggest! Tuscany is just gorgeous with its medieval towns, fields, flowers and vineyards.  Then, there is the wine and food…ahhhhhh!  It’s just natural that the stores close for the afternoon naps!

Back in the Town of St. George,  it’s been busy with visitors to Bermuda meandering the streets of St. George and local residents exploring what’s new.  We have a couple of new stores in the town which is great to see. The most notable for me is the frozen yogurt shop….it’s the kind you get to choose your toppings!  Yo Cherry….here I come 🙂 Bicycle rentals are something we are seeing more of in St. George’s while the water lovers are zipping around on jet skis in the Harbour. On the quieter side of life, there is always the quaint Tobacco Bay and larger St. Catherine’s beach to enjoy. Tobacco Bay has a Chill Night on Friday nights throughout the summer…music and bonfire!

Families and friends have been enjoying their creative side at Pieceworks. …both locals and visitors. We’ve been open for three summers now and always happy to see repeat mosaic enthusiasts!

Have a peak at the photos below and see if there’s anyone you recognize…and see what they have created 🙂255                                        250249 119 260 259


Mosaic Enthusiasts


April is upon us and there is definitely a buzz in the ol’ Towne of St.George. I am thrilled that young and young- at- heart choose Pieceworks to enjoy time with family and friends, creating keepsakes of their time together.  Locals come with visitors and make a mosaic to remember Bermuda and their time together.  Moms come with  their tots to have fun an enjoy each other….as well as build those fine motor and problem solving skills 🙂  The best learning comes through play!  As a teacher, I have definitely found my niche!  I get the best part of teaching without all the paperwork!!!  Below are photos of a group friends and the other family…all enjoying their time together and making memories. Isn’t that what it’s all about??? 🙂  Happy Easter!


More Mosaics from IWC LadiesFamily workshop


Mosaic Workshops


Into March already….it certainly has been a busy time! Since my last post, Pieceworks has been a busy little hub with workshops, mosaic parties, Intro to Mosaics Class….and even taking mosaics to our first Corporate Social – Mosaic and Wine Workshop.

A party of 8 year- old girls enjoyed making brightly sun-catchers with brightly coloured glass tiles, gems and squiggles (photo below) just this weekend. At the other end of the age spectrum…a small group of friends and family members  (ranging in age from 20’s – 70’s) enjoyed the Intro to Mosaics Class  Men found their creative side in the social evening, creating mosaic frames alongside their female work colleagues 🙂  Ladies from the International Women’s Club crafted their way through a winter afternoon, creating beautiful candle holders for their homes. What fun to see all the creations unfold!

As the birds chirp outside and the first day of Spring approaches, I am eager to see what the rest of the month brings forth.  Happy March!