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Mosaic Enthusiasts


April is upon us and there is definitely a buzz in the ol’ Towne of St.George. I am thrilled that young and young- at- heart choose Pieceworks to enjoy time with family and friends, creating keepsakes of their time together.  Locals come with visitors and make a mosaic to remember Bermuda and their time together.  Moms come with  their tots to have fun an enjoy each other….as well as build those fine motor and problem solving skills 🙂  The best learning comes through play!  As a teacher, I have definitely found my niche!  I get the best part of teaching without all the paperwork!!!  Below are photos of a group friends and the other family…all enjoying their time together and making memories. Isn’t that what it’s all about??? 🙂  Happy Easter!


More Mosaics from IWC LadiesFamily workshop



The Summer is Sailing By….


Wow…the months flew by…or should I say, sailed by! In June and July, Pieceworks saw school groups for workshops and some beautiful ceramic and stained glass coasters/small wall plaques were made by the students.

July was a month of yacht races and St. George’s Harbour was filled with them.  Competitors and recreational sailors came by to visit and shop at the studio..one sailor had time for a workshop 🙂 They came from all over the world…U.S., Canada, Russia, Germany, France…a family of four…a couple with a cat.  I am learning about a whole different lifestyle through having the studio in St. George’s and I am loving it.

Naturally, all the beautiful sailboats inspired me to create mosaics of them.  The shapes of the sails and colours of the harbour shouted ‘stained glass’ to me. One I titled “Sailing through The Cut”….’the cut’ is the strip of water between two pieces of land that boats sail through to enter the St. George’s Harbour.


Calla Lily


Calla Lily

Easter is Coming! The sweet smells, colours and shapes of fresh new flowers and Easter will be the inspiration for my mosaics this month. Workshop projects will include decorating wooden eggs with glass ‘nibbles and bits’, millefori and beads.

“Calla Lily” was donated to The Adult Education School Art Show/Exhibit, to raise funds for their programs.