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Whales, Longtails and Visitors


Finally, the wintry weather seems to have passed and  it’s starting to feel like summer! The whales are out along South Shore as they make their way north and the Longtail birds are flying around the coast….our sign that summer is on its way. On the way home the other day, people had pulled over to the side of the road to watch the whales breaching outside the reefs….with the sun out and Longtails flying…it was a truly beautiful day to stop and enjoy!

This month’s visitors to Pieceworks included the Owen family from Shropshire, England. It was their second visit to Bermuda …and second visit to Pieceworks. How wonderful to see them again. Their mosaic collection at home has just grown by two more….a scary shark and a beautiful fish sun catcher 🙂











Where did March go?

Repairs to Long House

Repairs to Long House in March

Birthday party!

Birthday party!

It has been a long wet and windy winter for us this year. Weather delayed repairs to our historic building but Pieceworks remained dry and open! We celebrated birthdays and enjoyed Mosaic and Wine nights….in addition to making our way to Warwick Academy for a craft  experience with Year 2s. Last but not least, Pieceworks welcomed Heather and her son, Colin from Canada yesterday :).  Colin led mom in their mosaic airplane with eyes, no less!  Heather had checked out fun activities to do while on holiday and signed up for mosaics after a morning at Masterworks Super Saturday! Colin is going home with fun handmade crafts to remember his first trip to Bermuda.  This mom and son really did discover that Bermuda offers ….so much more!








April Flowers


April flowers………..tulips, to be precise 🙂  I had fun hand-cutting the simple lines of the tulips from the beautiful stained glass for this project.  The petals and leaves are opus sectile (large pieces or sections of glass) while the background is opus palladinium ( random cuts) and all hand-cut pieces.  The stems of the tulips are pre-cut tumbled stained glass pieces which makes for an interesting contrast, I think.  The seeds of the tulips are tiny metal balls cut from a piece of chain (used as pull chain for a ceiling fan or light).

April showers bring May flowers!  The town of St. George’s will be IN BLOOM on May 5th, I hope you can come for a visit, wander the narrow streets and browse the shops while you enjoy the burst of colour the flower displays put out by the store owners 🙂  Pieceworks Mosaic Art Studio will have a small display at the entrance.  Hope to see you then.

Spring Tulips 002