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Where did March go?

Repairs to Long House

Repairs to Long House in March

Birthday party!

Birthday party!

It has been a long wet and windy winter for us this year. Weather delayed repairs to our historic building but Pieceworks remained dry and open! We celebrated birthdays and enjoyed Mosaic and Wine nights….in addition to making our way to Warwick Academy for a craft  experience with Year 2s. Last but not least, Pieceworks welcomed Heather and her son, Colin from Canada yesterday :).  Colin led mom in their mosaic airplane with eyes, no less!  Heather had checked out fun activities to do while on holiday and signed up for mosaics after a morning at Masterworks Super Saturday! Colin is going home with fun handmade crafts to remember his first trip to Bermuda.  This mom and son really did discover that Bermuda offers ….so much more!









Pieceworks Studio now has a mini gallery at The Book Cellar, Water Street


Pieceworks now has more space to hold workshops (make your own mosaic), Intro to Mosaic Classes, children’s and adult birthday parties and Ladies Nights Out events at Long House, 2 Pennos Drive, St. George’s.

Mosaics by Donna (Aganetha) are available for purchase at Pieceworks  Mini Gallery and Gifts located inside The Book Cellar, on Water Street, St. George’s. Photo cards by Susan Gibbons, Diana Amos Colour Calendars, jewelry by Tanya Stafford are also available in the mini gallery…come and browse!

Mosaics - December 010

Change is in the Wind


imageOctober was a rough ride at the studio! As most of you are aware, the lovely old building lost most of its roof in the hurricanes that hit Bermuda during that month. As a result, there are some changes.

Completed mosaics along with Susan Gibbons cards and Diana Amos’ calendars will be sold out of The Old Cellar on Water Street.

Pieceworks, the studio will stay at Long House and be open for workshops and Intro Classes by appointment only until further notice.

If you are in St G during the week, you will find me busily on Christmas commissions so please, do come by. I’m always eager to hear about your newest mosaic and projects!

Summer is Here!


Italy is on every mosaic enthusiast’s list of travel destinations and for good reason! Wandering through the medieval mountain side villages, the Vatican museums and the once buried city of Pompeii, discovering old and new mosaics among the breathtaking statues and frescoes is truly inspirational.  Italy is a place which begs you to return and that we will, I am sure!  I encourage all of you to visit the home of the Masters and be inspired! 🙂  The mosaic below is made of Italian Smalti glass tile which is cut using a hammer and hardi.  No grout is used.  All the tessarae are hand-cut to cut neatly side by side.


Woman's Face, Italy

Woman’s Face, Italy


Back in the studio, Summer in Bermuda  is time to host workshops for   holiday visitors keen to make their own souvenir, whether they have time to book ahead for an afternoon or drop in for an hour.  For our cruise ship visitors, grouting is done the next day with delivery to Dockyard. Delivery can also be arranged for other parts of the island for our land-based guests.

Locally, some working moms are taking quality time with their little ones and creating masterpieces for bedroom walls or sun-catchers for the bedroom window. The little ones are so excited about their mosaics, they find it hard to leave them overnight for the grouting!

Personally, I am working on a pet portraiture of our beloved beagle!  Drop by and see the progress….it is slow as I work on it between workshops 🙂