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Summer Time


June saw me in Italy and it’s as beautiful as the novels and movies suggest! Tuscany is just gorgeous with its medieval towns, fields, flowers and vineyards.  Then, there is the wine and food…ahhhhhh!  It’s just natural that the stores close for the afternoon naps!

Back in the Town of St. George,  it’s been busy with visitors to Bermuda meandering the streets of St. George and local residents exploring what’s new.  We have a couple of new stores in the town which is great to see. The most notable for me is the frozen yogurt shop….it’s the kind you get to choose your toppings!  Yo Cherry….here I come 🙂 Bicycle rentals are something we are seeing more of in St. George’s while the water lovers are zipping around on jet skis in the Harbour. On the quieter side of life, there is always the quaint Tobacco Bay and larger St. Catherine’s beach to enjoy. Tobacco Bay has a Chill Night on Friday nights throughout the summer…music and bonfire!

Families and friends have been enjoying their creative side at Pieceworks. …both locals and visitors. We’ve been open for three summers now and always happy to see repeat mosaic enthusiasts!

Have a peak at the photos below and see if there’s anyone you recognize…and see what they have created 🙂255                                        250249 119 260 259


Whales, Longtails and Visitors


Finally, the wintry weather seems to have passed and  it’s starting to feel like summer! The whales are out along South Shore as they make their way north and the Longtail birds are flying around the coast….our sign that summer is on its way. On the way home the other day, people had pulled over to the side of the road to watch the whales breaching outside the reefs….with the sun out and Longtails flying…it was a truly beautiful day to stop and enjoy!

This month’s visitors to Pieceworks included the Owen family from Shropshire, England. It was their second visit to Bermuda …and second visit to Pieceworks. How wonderful to see them again. Their mosaic collection at home has just grown by two more….a scary shark and a beautiful fish sun catcher 🙂










Change is in the Wind


imageOctober was a rough ride at the studio! As most of you are aware, the lovely old building lost most of its roof in the hurricanes that hit Bermuda during that month. As a result, there are some changes.

Completed mosaics along with Susan Gibbons cards and Diana Amos’ calendars will be sold out of The Old Cellar on Water Street.

Pieceworks, the studio will stay at Long House and be open for workshops and Intro Classes by appointment only until further notice.

If you are in St G during the week, you will find me busily on Christmas commissions so please, do come by. I’m always eager to hear about your newest mosaic and projects!

New Supplies In!


Pieceworks has just received a new supply of bases for wall plaques.  Whatever your passion….parrots, fish, roosters, horses, dachshunds, music or decorating a child’s room, there is something for your creative side 🙂

Drop in’s are welcome but please reserve a time to avoid disappointment.

Deposits may be required for groups.


 wall plaques

August for all ages


The studio is a refuge from the heat (or rain, recently) this summer with friends and family spending time together and trying their hand at mosaics. Below are some photos of summer themed wall plaques that budding artists of all ages have created in the past few weeks.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and you will find inspiration to try your hand at an art/craft, whatever it may be.

Pieceworks 001 Pieceworks 024Pieceworks 030

Summer is Here!


Italy is on every mosaic enthusiast’s list of travel destinations and for good reason! Wandering through the medieval mountain side villages, the Vatican museums and the once buried city of Pompeii, discovering old and new mosaics among the breathtaking statues and frescoes is truly inspirational.  Italy is a place which begs you to return and that we will, I am sure!  I encourage all of you to visit the home of the Masters and be inspired! 🙂  The mosaic below is made of Italian Smalti glass tile which is cut using a hammer and hardi.  No grout is used.  All the tessarae are hand-cut to cut neatly side by side.


Woman's Face, Italy

Woman’s Face, Italy


Back in the studio, Summer in Bermuda  is time to host workshops for   holiday visitors keen to make their own souvenir, whether they have time to book ahead for an afternoon or drop in for an hour.  For our cruise ship visitors, grouting is done the next day with delivery to Dockyard. Delivery can also be arranged for other parts of the island for our land-based guests.

Locally, some working moms are taking quality time with their little ones and creating masterpieces for bedroom walls or sun-catchers for the bedroom window. The little ones are so excited about their mosaics, they find it hard to leave them overnight for the grouting!

Personally, I am working on a pet portraiture of our beloved beagle!  Drop by and see the progress….it is slow as I work on it between workshops 🙂