Wow! What an experience in Ravenna! I recommend it as a destination to anyone who is interested in history, mosaics and good food and wine. Ravenna was the last part of the Roman Empire in Italy and has numerous churches filled with 2000 year old gorgeous, bright mosaics.

My days started with an Italian coffee and pastry in a lovely open cafe situated in a public park. From there I walked to my class where I joined nine other enthusiastic people from all over (and I mean alllll over the world). We are talking 10 people from 7 different countries… Israel, Germany, Holland, Australia, US, Bermuda, Japan. This made for really interesting dinner conversations that started at 7:30 and stretched until 10. There is no rushing you out of restaurants in Ravenna. My weekends were filled with an antique markets, touring churches and art galleries/museums, vintage car rally, musical performances in the piazzas and farmer markets.. All free enjoyment. I walked or rode a bicycle through the old streets that allow limited vehicle access. One Saturday, I cycled 15 km to the beach, walked the beach and rode back stopping at a roadside cafe for lunch. By the end of the third week, I felt I could be a tour guide! In a nutshell….I’m in love with Ravenna. The friendliness, safety, beauty and spirituality that fills the streets and piazzas is just what the doctor ordered!

At home, I entered a mosaic..Underwater Garden in the Charmin Exhibition for the first time. I was excited to hear that it sold early during the Opening Reception. Now, I am working on small pieces for the Masterworks One Stop Shopping to be held November 4. See you there😄