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Thank You


After considerable thought, I have decided to discontinue my website as I no longer have a studio in St. George’s Bermuda.


I would like like to thank all the people who have supported my adventure into mosaics by attending workshops, parties or purchasing mosaics from me.

Going forward mosaic experiences will be  held at different venues and on request, such as schools, galleries, homes or as requested.

I will continue to post information about up coming classes on Facebook on the Pieceworks Mosaic Art Page.

Many thanks for a wonderful experience. I’ve enjoyed it all.

Warmest Wishes





Pieceworks is on the Move!

Pieceworks is on the Move!

Change is in the air!  After some considerable thought, I have decided to close my studio in St. George’s Sept. 1st. Thank you so much to those of you who have visited and created your masterpieces with me!  I’ve really enjoyed the experience and met some lovely people.

In September last year I went to Ravenna, Italy to study mosaics. I did the Standard Class…an intro to the Byzantine way of making mosaics, using the hammer and hardie and fell in love!  The tools were used by the Romans in the earlier mosaics but natural stone and marble was used. The first mosaics were used to cover and decorate the floors. Usually describing life in that time. Later, the glass mosaics were used to tell stories of the Bible on the walls and ceilings. I returned for two more classes this year and then I decided to learn the language! Full immersion and I love it!

The duckling above is the reproduction (my first piece) that was done in this style.  The material is italian smalti and gold mirror.  In the original mosaic, the background would have been in in gold smalti..made by placing gold leaf between two sheets of clear glass. The mosaics reflect the light because of the irregularity of the surface of the glass…just beautiful. So, if you get to Ravenna or St. Mark’s in Venice and see those mosaics…you really will be breathless!!! They could never be reproduced today. This style of mosaics was developed around 400-500. They were made in-situ in churches and homes by teams …slaves, mosaic artists and architects. Every piece cut by hand.

Ravenna is known as the City of Mosaics for good reason.  It has several UNESCO World Heritage sites full of beautiful mosaics.  The small friendly city is perfect for someone who doesn’t want the hustle and bustle of big cities. It is such a great mix of the old and new.  In one store, as you browse through the selection of trendy clothes, you can admire restored frescoes on the walls!  I can walk or ride my bicycle everywhere…even 12 km to the Adriatic coast.  It’s not Bermuda, but it’s different and charming. I have returned for every season and I find it mild in temperature…but hot  and humid in August. People move to the coast for the beach life at this time of the year. The calendar is filled with entertainment of one sort or another. I have enjoyed outdoor concerts in a Roman ruin, as well as  ballet and plays in an old beautiful theatre. The Art Museum has exhibits with Picasso, Du Champ….wonderful art mixed with local mosaic art. One of my favourite places is a lovely park with a charming cafe…big, comfy wicker style chairs on the porch, or sling back chairs under a big tree await you and your italian cafe! Piazza Popolo, like all piazzas is the centre of life in Ravenna. Every weekend, something is going on. Sipping a cafe, tea, glass of Prosseco or local wine with friends and people watching at an outdoor restaurant or cafe is so much fun!

If you think you would like to have a different kind of vacation, I’d encourage you to follow your passion and take a course on your next holiday whatever your passion  You meet people from all over the world and learn something new!  In one of my mosaic classes there were 10 people from 8 different countries. Talk about an interesting dinner conversation!!  You find new friends, too. 🙂

To try your hand at Byzantine Mosaics (no experience necessary)…check out:   and tell Luciana you found her on my website 😉 She is a mosaic master! Her team create reproduction and original mosaics for clients around the world.

To try a little italian (all levels welcome and all size groups)…check out   These teachers are great…friendly and fun.  Again, let them know how you found them. Actually, I may be walking the halls when you come by!

If I am in Ravenna when you are…I’d be happy to show you around. I can help you will recommendations for dining, activities and accommodations. Just drop me an email at  I’m always happy to share or chat about Italy and mosaics.

So, the doors close Sept. 1……I’ll keep you up-to-date with my journey.  Life’s going to be a bit of an adventure for the next while.  So…check back every now and then  🙂  First stop….Sarria, Spain to walk the last 100 km of the El Camino with my Canadian cousin, Sandra. Final destination…Santiago de Compostela.  Must start breaking in those new walking shoes!!!! Then, I’ll be back in Ravenna…………… Caio, amici!




Andamento is the word used to describe the ‘flow’ in the design of mosaics. Maybe it can be used to describe the flow of life over the past several months. Life has thrown some challenges my way since September, hence why I haven’t been posting. April brings a bit more stability. Pieceworks will be moving back in Long House for the new season. Yay for that…a/c in time for warmer weather. I am grateful to my landlord for finding another studio space during the repairs at Long House.

Pieceworks saw several groups in the studio for birthday parties… Children and adults. Great times, great memories!


Summer Time


June saw me in Italy and it’s as beautiful as the novels and movies suggest! Tuscany is just gorgeous with its medieval towns, fields, flowers and vineyards.  Then, there is the wine and food…ahhhhhh!  It’s just natural that the stores close for the afternoon naps!

Back in the Town of St. George,  it’s been busy with visitors to Bermuda meandering the streets of St. George and local residents exploring what’s new.  We have a couple of new stores in the town which is great to see. The most notable for me is the frozen yogurt shop….it’s the kind you get to choose your toppings!  Yo Cherry….here I come 🙂 Bicycle rentals are something we are seeing more of in St. George’s while the water lovers are zipping around on jet skis in the Harbour. On the quieter side of life, there is always the quaint Tobacco Bay and larger St. Catherine’s beach to enjoy. Tobacco Bay has a Chill Night on Friday nights throughout the summer…music and bonfire!

Families and friends have been enjoying their creative side at Pieceworks. …both locals and visitors. We’ve been open for three summers now and always happy to see repeat mosaic enthusiasts!

Have a peak at the photos below and see if there’s anyone you recognize…and see what they have created 🙂255                                        250249 119 260 259

Whales, Longtails and Visitors


Finally, the wintry weather seems to have passed and  it’s starting to feel like summer! The whales are out along South Shore as they make their way north and the Longtail birds are flying around the coast….our sign that summer is on its way. On the way home the other day, people had pulled over to the side of the road to watch the whales breaching outside the reefs….with the sun out and Longtails flying…it was a truly beautiful day to stop and enjoy!

This month’s visitors to Pieceworks included the Owen family from Shropshire, England. It was their second visit to Bermuda …and second visit to Pieceworks. How wonderful to see them again. Their mosaic collection at home has just grown by two more….a scary shark and a beautiful fish sun catcher 🙂










Where did March go?

Repairs to Long House

Repairs to Long House in March

Birthday party!

Birthday party!

It has been a long wet and windy winter for us this year. Weather delayed repairs to our historic building but Pieceworks remained dry and open! We celebrated birthdays and enjoyed Mosaic and Wine nights….in addition to making our way to Warwick Academy for a craft  experience with Year 2s. Last but not least, Pieceworks welcomed Heather and her son, Colin from Canada yesterday :).  Colin led mom in their mosaic airplane with eyes, no less!  Heather had checked out fun activities to do while on holiday and signed up for mosaics after a morning at Masterworks Super Saturday! Colin is going home with fun handmade crafts to remember his first trip to Bermuda.  This mom and son really did discover that Bermuda offers ….so much more!