049 Hi, my name is Donna Smith and my site revolves around my interest in mosaics. I was introduced to mosaics several years ago and my passion has grown to the point where I needed my   own work-space. As a result, I opened Pieceworks Mosaic Studio  in St. George’s, Bermuda. There I sell my work and hold individual and small group classes/workshops for adults and children (locals and visitors). The mosaics I enjoy creating are made of stained glass and venetian glass tiles.  I’ll sometimes add interesting bits and pieces such as, beads,  Bermuda shells and old pottery discovered along the beaches. I hope you will visit St. George’s …it’s worth the trip..and stop by to say ‘hi’.  Love to see you and chat about mosaics!


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  1. Hi: I will try to send you some photos I took at your shop, but there is no address listed on your website that I could find… I’m hoping that Pieceworks, St. George, Bermuda will be enough…
    🙂 jeanne

  2. Good evening Donna,
    My daughter and I would like to come to your studio and do a mosaic each. It looks like a lot of fun! Would you have any available spots for the week of August 17th?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Anna Swann

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