Mosaic Workshops


Into March already….it certainly has been a busy time! Since my last post, Pieceworks has been a busy little hub with workshops, mosaic parties, Intro to Mosaics Class….and even taking mosaics to our first Corporate Social – Mosaic and Wine Workshop.

A party of 8 year- old girls enjoyed making brightly sun-catchers with brightly coloured glass tiles, gems and squiggles (photo below) just this weekend. At the other end of the age spectrum…a small group of friends and family members  (ranging in age from 20’s – 70’s) enjoyed the Intro to Mosaics Class  Men found their creative side in the social evening, creating mosaic frames alongside their female work colleagues 🙂  Ladies from the International Women’s Club crafted their way through a winter afternoon, creating beautiful candle holders for their homes. What fun to see all the creations unfold!

As the birds chirp outside and the first day of Spring approaches, I am eager to see what the rest of the month brings forth.  Happy March!




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