September Thoughts


Recently, I swam at Coopers’ Island and was excited to see so many different types of fish and corals just paddling around the rocks with my goggles!  It really is a whole other world.  In one afternoon, I saw a variety of parrot fish, tangs, wrasses, butterfly fish and even a trunk fish (a first for me)…all so close to the beach.  I was amazed! I suppose it is only natural when I looked at a piece of stained glass, I saw a parrot fish….and hence, a mosaic was created.  Hope you like it!



parrot fish

The hustle and bustle of summer is over…school is back in.  The studio will be quieter now and there will be time to prepare for aghhh….do I dare say…Christmas???  It takes time to plan and create so I start now with the ordering of supplies and creating  ideas. In the meantime, there will be mid-term holidays, Halloween and the St. George’s Art Walk and the National Trust Christmas in St. George’s.  Oh, I’ll also be at BUEI and Masterworks in November so look for me at their events 🙂


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