The Summer is Sailing By….


Wow…the months flew by…or should I say, sailed by! In June and July, Pieceworks saw school groups for workshops and some beautiful ceramic and stained glass coasters/small wall plaques were made by the students.

July was a month of yacht races and St. George’s Harbour was filled with them.  Competitors and recreational sailors came by to visit and shop at the sailor had time for a workshop 🙂 They came from all over the world…U.S., Canada, Russia, Germany, France…a family of four…a couple with a cat.  I am learning about a whole different lifestyle through having the studio in St. George’s and I am loving it.

Naturally, all the beautiful sailboats inspired me to create mosaics of them.  The shapes of the sails and colours of the harbour shouted ‘stained glass’ to me. One I titled “Sailing through The Cut”….’the cut’ is the strip of water between two pieces of land that boats sail through to enter the St. George’s Harbour.



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