Monthly Archives: August 2013

Summer Workshops


New Shipment of Wall Plaques…fun for all ages!

Made of MDF and ready to mosaic or paint.  Slot for hanging in the back.  Can be sold individually.

Prices start at $25 for a mosaic project.

wall plaques


The Summer is Sailing By….


Wow…the months flew by…or should I say, sailed by! In June and July, Pieceworks saw school groups for workshops and some beautiful ceramic and stained glass coasters/small wall plaques were made by the students.

July was a month of yacht races and St. George’s Harbour was filled with them.  Competitors and recreational sailors came by to visit and shop at the sailor had time for a workshop 🙂 They came from all over the world…U.S., Canada, Russia, Germany, France…a family of four…a couple with a cat.  I am learning about a whole different lifestyle through having the studio in St. George’s and I am loving it.

Naturally, all the beautiful sailboats inspired me to create mosaics of them.  The shapes of the sails and colours of the harbour shouted ‘stained glass’ to me. One I titled “Sailing through The Cut”….’the cut’ is the strip of water between two pieces of land that boats sail through to enter the St. George’s Harbour.