Monthly Archives: May 2013

Getting Ready for Summer


horse and angel fish 002   It may not be technically Summer, yet…but our thoughts are shifting towards the ocean, boats and the beach as we just celebrated May 24th in Bermuda.  It was the first day on or in the water for some while others spent the afternoon watching our Bermuda Day Parade. However, you spent it, I hope you enjoyed your day!

This month’s mosaic is the design I did for my very first mosaic…and continues to be a popular one.  I have made and sold several angelfish with adjustments in the design, material or andamento (flow) to each. This time, I used stained glass cut into shards for the tail and added mirror for bubbles.  Hope you like it!

My current  project for the studio is sailboats on the ocean – rectangle 12″ x 6″ using stained glass and smalti from Italy.