Valentine’s Day is Coming


February is the month for hearts, red, candies and flowers!  I’ve been busy in the studio creating gift items for someone special – votive candle holders, picture frame, pendants and small wall plaques.  All of the items have vibrant red stained glass which I just love because it has some streaks of orange-red. Some items have a mix of stained glass with venetian tile or irridescent stained glass pieces. There have been some ‘oohs’ and cries of  ‘I love that!’ by people passing the shop…so that is a good sign.  I love making the mosaic pieces but I always wonder…will someone else like it?  Will my piece be the ‘something special’ that catches a person’s eye…to give as a gift.  I hope so!

Yesterday, I left the calla lily  I was working on ..I just had the urge to work with shells and ended up completing a picture frame with a large Bermuda shell, piece of coral and broken, sea-smoothed pottery.  I decided on a clear textured glass for the remainder of the frame and then added some aqua beads to give it some ‘pop’.  I’m pleased with the final product. 🙂

On the down-side, I had a disappointment this week…. The mirror pieces that I had mixed in with smalti tile to create a water scene had tarnished after a couple of years of hanging in my home.  I knew mirror could be tricky to adhere to a substrate and this was proof….the adhesive can cause the backing of the mirror to come off.

St. George’s is holding it’s Old Town Market on Sunday afternoon.  I’ll be out on Water Street with a little table and my Valentine gifts for sale.  I’ll also have some bead jewelry made by my friend, Susan. If you are in Bermuda, I hope you’ll stop by!Valentine's candle holder Valentine's Frame Valentine's wall plaque



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